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In financial centers we observe the phenomena of skyscrapers reflecting back skyscrapers. The strange world of these mega-structures reflecting into each other can be seen as a mirror image of stock buybacks, corporate bailouts, and accelerating inequality. In these reflections, a rectilinear grid is broken into semi-chaotic, undulating patterns that never repeat exactly.

Hashing is a mathematical method for compressing information. Unlike encryption, information that has been hashed can’t be reversed back to its original state. Hashing has many uses, from contracts and password storage to cryptography.

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  • Open Wall is an investigation into the possibilities of continuous change. At 5601 West Adams Boulevard, a steel picket fence encloses a 30 foot cinder block wall and a narrow strip of land on which two mature fan palms reside. Binomial Nomenclature is a scientific system for naming all the world’s fauna and flora. Open Wall Salon is made possible with funding from Stiftung NRW and with the support of the Open Face Food Shop.