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Andreas Gursky at the 99 Cent Store


Matthias Merkel Hess at ACME


This aqua number stood out, made of fired clay and as cosmic as milkcrates get. Show info here.

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Frances Stark at Marc Foxx

image descriptionStill from My Best Thing by Frances Stark

“First presented at the 54th Venice Biennale, Stark’s My Best Thing is a feature-length animation in the form of a serialized soap opera, constructed from interactions in online video chatrooms. The female protagonist’s flirtatious discussions with random participants soon expand beyond sex into broader topics including film history, politics, and protest, and she gradually grows fond of some of her interlocutors, who transform from strangers into confidants and collaborators. Produced using a text-to-speech animation program from the scripts of virtual encounters, My Best Thing highlights the manner in which current communication technologies allow for both greater intimacy and anonymity, giving rise to new kinds of behaviors and relationships.” – From from the MoMA website.

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Leverage at Workspace


Sonja Engelhardt
Luke Stettner
Gustabo Velazquez
Claudia Weber
Curated by Jo-ey Tang

Information and images for the show here.

Miles Coolidge at ACME


“For his seventh solo exhibit with ACME artist/photographer Miles Coolidge will be presenting images from an ongoing project entitled Mock-Ups, as well as two works that are shown as single-image projects.

The subject material of the images in the Mock-Ups series is comprised of full-scale, materially accurate architect’s renderings of buildings under construction on the campuses of the University of California. In general, these images are titled according to the purpose for which the structure is built – Humanities, Stem Cell Research, Biological Sciences, and Student Housing, for instance. In some cases, if the facade is not represented in the mock-up, the title may be more straightforwardly descriptive, as in Framing.

Backstop is a large-scale single-image work that depicts the area used to catch arrows in an archery range located in a public park in Los Angeles. While “Backstop” is the generic term for this common feature of archery ranges, the materials chosen for this particular range differ from the norm in that stacked telephone books are used instead of a purpose-built manufactured solution. This particular backstop was photographed near the end of its projected 8-month lifespan. At 90″ x 180″ Backstop represents its subject at approximately a 1:1 scale.”

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More information on the gallery website .