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Southland Institute Discussions in Exhibitions at ‘The wilds of epiphenomena’

Southland Institute hosted an installment of their public Discussion in Exhibitions program in The wilds of epiphenomena at Phase Gallery.

Discussions in exhibitions at The wilds of epiphenomenaPhoto by Ewa Słapa

Opening reception for ‘The wilds of epiphenomena’ at Phase Gallery

The wilds of epiphenomenaPhoto by Alice Clements
The wilds of epiphenomenaPhoto by Ewa Słapa
The wilds of epiphenomenaPhoto by Ewa Słapa

The Pamplet—new Substack just launched

Today I’m launching a Substack called The Pamplet. It’ll be a space for letters on art, mind, feels, tech takes, semi-ridiculous self-help, varieties of mystical experience, and whatever else strikes my enthusiasms.

Movable type debuted across Europe from ~1450 on, and in its wake a new form of cheap, mass-scale, short-form publication known loosely as pamphlets spread like wildfire. As we know, these innovations upset the information environment status quo, and it took a few centuries to jostle out a new balance of power. Our time has parallels, though perhaps we’re living it at 10-100x. We have type at the speed of light, with nigh-infinite recomposability—and the party’s just getting started.

Seems like a nice moment to get out on the dance floor. Browse and/or subscribe here. Hot topics for future pamplets:

Pamphlet subjects

Michael Heizer at LACMA

Michael Heizer, Levitated MassMichael Heizer, Levitated Mass, 1969/2012

Surprise visit this week by a curator from Milan I haven’t seen in years, aka serendipity. Rambling around the usual places yet with her eyes, always learning from how different it feels to see art with different spirits. Then of course the chicest woman I know ropes me into trying on the next cute black satin jacket and we’re swapping favorite songs too loud on the 10 at sunset.

Studio process

Studio process
Studio process

Parts for new sculpture and irl Mirror Chain coming off the cnc table. Metal chains are bent or welded to make closed-loop links; I’ve neither option with mirror sheet. Instead I went for a simple design with two alternating types of links: One link is a closed loop, and one link has a gap that slots to build up the chain. It’s funny how ideas emerge — the resulting chains have a binary pattern rhythm, a more interesting variety of views as one walks around them, and overall a different feel than conventional links would provide. Next solo show is sculpture, opens in October. Next architectural digital work is TBD, and whilst I grapple with its seeming impossibilities, who knew that the exploratory convos and doors they’re opening would be so much fun.