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Genesis mint

VeilsStill from Veils/span>

Today I minted my genesis nft on Objkt, check it out here. I’m approaching these as an ongoing experiment: I’ll probably mint a new piece once every other week for the next few months and see how it evolves.


General updates: I’ve been making digital things, looks like I’ll begin releasing those in some format or another before the end of the year. To make a bit more space for such I’ll switch to an every-other-week schedule with The Pamplet, will take some trial and error to find a cadence as the things evolve. After finishing the last show and gradually getting a better grip on blender via small digital works, my next larger architectural digital work is simmering—the technical challenges still seem absurd, but that is typical. This all feels like an awkward in-between stage, probably a sign of growth.

Bit of musing on then and now

In early October 2019, just over three years ago, I visited NYC. The impetus for the trip was to see the Charles Ray exhibition at the Hill Art Foundation. Ray is one of my very favorite artists, and it was a highly unusual show. He exhibited several sculptures (including a never-before-or-since-shown personal work) alongside Renaissance and Baroque bronzes he selected from the Foundation’s collection—all of it arranged in his own idiosyncratic, insightful curation. As an extra treat, many of Ray’s rare, limited-edition exhibition catalogs were laid out in the reading area, and I spent an afternoon browsing. That week also included my first trip to Dia Beacon, and Bard, which had an unusual sculpture double-header with shows by both Haim Steinbach and Helen Marten. Anyway, I could nerd out at length about the great art viewing. After I got back home, I had a lovely dream: I dreamed I saw a very sweet dog that was pregnant with 60 puppies (my dreams tend to have a sense of humor with a bit of absurdist flair). I wrote in my journal that I had so much in me, like, A LOT, that I didn’t know how to express. I had all this potential, but somehow, frustratingly, though I was sincerely doing everything I could think of, I couldn’t seem to fully access it.

It’s good to look back on that time, and it’s amazing how much has happened since. For a bit of contrast, last month I had a follow-up dream: I dreamed I set out a special food for a bunch of incredibly cute puppies—they were so happy about this and digging in—then a couple of them saw me and jumped up to greet me with the most wonderful, enthusiastic, unbridled joy. Their pure joy was such a gift in the dream, it makes me beam. Maybe this joy and energy were the potential in my ‘19 dream, little did I know back then, and three years later, all across my life it’s starting to bound around, wanting to play. So much has evolved for me in miraculous ways since that NYC trip, much to come, and I’m beyond grateful for every moment along the way that’s catalyzed.

Work in progress

Work in progress

Space pics

Terrestrial photography was feeling a little dull, I’m into space pics now. (Brancusi is of course an exception, in everything he touched he channeled other worlds, continued study.) The heavenly bods are positively gravitational, it’s delicious to muse on such hunks. This class of image is close to what we see in digital art these days—infinite space, gradients, spheres. Yet digital images don’t often muster gravity and magnetism. In a way digital simulations have too much freedom, the constraints of physics generate power, learning from simplicity and scale.

TitanTitan from Cassini via Jacint Roger
ThorThor’s Helmet (NGC 2359) by Rolf Wahl Olsen
Saturn and TitanSaturn and Titan from Cassini via Val Klavens