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CurateLA selects ‘The wilds of epiphenomena’ as a must-see

Thank you to CurateLA for selecting The wilds of epiphenomena at Phase Gallery as a must-see exhibition.


New exhibition—’The wilds of epiphenomena’ at Phase Gallery

I’m thrilled to have curated a new exhibition of LA-based conceptual sculptors at Phase Gallery. The exhibition runs from April 13 – May 11, 2024. Full details below.

The wilds of epiphenomena

Scott Benzel, Tanya Brodsky, Alice Könitz, Rita McBride, Kristin Posehn

An epiphenomena is a second-order phenomenon. In the philosophy of mind, it relates to a theory whereby matter gives rise to mental phenomena and consciousness. Each work in The wilds of epiphenomena explores and probes a world beyond the ordinary, a world of second-order and higher phenomena. With materials ranging from dry ice to currency and electronics, these artworks give rise to physical, imaginal, and conceptual shape-shifting, hinting at the mutable nature of mind and presence.

Curated by Kristin Posehn

Phase Gallery 1718 Albion Street, Los Angeles, 90031

April 13 – May 11, 2024

Monday – Thursday 9am – 5pm, weekends by appointment

Pasadena Art Alliance 2024 Art Auction

My painting Auric Reef was included in the Pasadena Art Alliance 22st Biennial Art Auction. I’m very grateful for the PAA’s work on behalf of artists across Los Angeles, and pleased to support it.

Auric Reef

Auric Reef, 20 x 24 inches, acrylic and mica on canvas, 2020


Gratitude by Agnes MartinAgnes Martin, Gratitude, 2001

Thinking about Agnes Martin. At a glance her paintings appear to be so simple, yet they are somehow infused with her vision and inquiry in ways that elude description, always marveling.

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New group exhibition

My painting Most Mystic is included in Garden, a group exhibition at Ladies’ Room through January 31, 2023.

Most Mystic, acrylic and mica on canvas, 20 x 24 inches, 2020

Kristin Posehn’s paintings are inspired by the reflections of skyscrapers into skyscrapers, a phenomena we can observe in dense financial centers around the world. In her vision, the reflective patterns of these mega-structures become delicate, atmospheric, and haunting glyphs that never repeat. Her paintings change and play in a sly dance with light, evoking languages at once ancient and futuristic.

Most Mystic
Most Mystic