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More Ghost Pearls

Ghost Pearls

New documentation of Ghost Pearls

New documentation of Ghost Pearls is now up on the artwork page.

Ghost Pearls
Detail of Ghost Pearls
Ghost Pearls



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retro tech dreams

As we know, my art brain sometimes finds technical maintenance (and typos) to be rather challenging. Apologies for the disruption to this website—turns out a freakish server issue had popped up but I was slow to grok, we’re back now. Feeling luddite, appreciating vintage tech. Thanks for bearing with.

3/13/23 Art brain strikes again, resolved.

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mini arts

New in the studio—a laser cut on holographic paper, based on my sculpture Ghost Pearls. Looks like I’ll be having a viewing event for the full-scale Ghost Pearls architectural sculpture as an open studio a bit later this year.