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Let’s try this again — New Laconic shop link now working

Much obliged for the gentle heads up, and my apologies — the New Laconic shop link is now working as it should. Art brain is great for making art, but distinctly less so for logistics (don’t get me started on travel… incidents). Our urls may be a tad more erratic than Amazon’s, but on the other hand, the upside of not-quite-knowing-what-you’re-going-to-get is that we do make certain to hand-pack with stickers and slip in surprise extras. Thanks for bearing with.

Among the art books on currently offer, IDIOM #1 is a risograph-printed zine by Jayme Yen, and the first in the author’s series of publications exploring written and visual metaphors in shared language.

Bear in mind - IDIOM by Jayme Yen

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‘Inverted Dome’ publication now available in the New Laconic shop

Inverted Dome spread
Text by Chris Fite-Wassilak in Inverted Dome

A lil peek inside Inverted Dome, which is now available for purchase in the New Laconic shop.

Let’s rock — art books & more now available in the New Laconic online shop

IDIOM #2 by Jayme Yen

A selection of art books and more from our friendly gang of collaborators is now available in the New Laconic online shop. Pictured above, IDIOM #2: A Guide to Rock Stars by Jayme Yen.

Bookish moments and a dream team

Bindery and book notes

It’s been so fun to work on the experimental exhibition catalog for Inverted Dome, and what a dream team. With all sorts of confusion on how to approach the cover, one afternoon I called Charlene Matthews — also known as The Binderess, bookbinder for the greats and exceptional book artist in her own right — and she invited me by her studio, pictured above. It’s a cabinet of curiosities every bit as fascinating as she. I went over the ideas and problems, two minutes later she had the perfect solution and we were testing away.

That’s one moment of many (others involved me being very puzzled with a laminator). I’m grateful to Salome Schmuki for her impeccable design, Michael Ned Holte and Chris Fite-Wassilak for their insightful texts and reflections, the inimitable curator Aurora Tang for her guidance and vision, and to all you, in deep-calls-to-deep fashion, for supporting the way as you do. The Inverted Dome catalog is available for purchase here, and I’ll be sharing a bit more about it soon.

Sophie Taeuber-Arp

Sophie Taeuber-Arp, marrionette, 1918
Sophie Taeuber-Arp, cushion cover, 1921-1924

“I think people will have said enough to you about serious things, and so I am going to talk to you about what I feel is valuable, and that people think too little of, about cheerfulness and, something that is part of it as well, not being afraid about problems in life, but finding a natural solution for them.” Sophie Taeuber-Arp, 1937