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mini arts

New in the studio—a laser cut on holographic paper, based on my sculpture Ghost Pearls. Looks like I’ll be having a viewing event for the full-scale Ghost Pearls architectural sculpture as an open studio a bit later this year.

Vibes lately

sci fi moment

Having a sci-fi moment. Decades after I first read them, I only admire authors like Ray Bradbury more, for asking the big questions with fullness of spirit and giving us juicy reads, all at the same time. Filling in gaps too—hadn’t read this one, a new arrival.


WalksPhoto by Deborah Jaffe

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Sculpture in the wild

sculpture in the wild

No pampin’ last week, I was sick. Looks like this week’s essay will expand on a neighbor’s mysterious backyard sculpture.

Another travel moment

Years ago, on a road trip a friend roped me into getting a “reading” from Zoltar—if you’ve never seen one, that’s the entertainingly-creepy-looking animatronic fortune teller in a glass kiosk that pops up in oddball spots like mini-malls and gas stations—it was so delightful that the printout is still pinned to my fridge. On the way back from Utah yesterday, I happened upon another Zoltar, the whim struck, my latest divination is below. It was a wonderful weekend trip with many moments that give me wings; Zoltar seems to think big stuff is headed my way this month; what little I know for sure is that I’m incredibly grateful for so much good fortune.


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