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Kris Martin at Marc Foxx


A hot air balloon was inflated to fill every available inch of the gallery, i.e. once inside we saw only balloon silk lining the floors, walls and ceiling of the Marc Foxx space. The skin of the balloon was continuously plumped up with regular temperature air via two standard fans just visible there at the edges of the entrance. Wire straps fixed the balloon to the wicker basket, forcing the entering or departing visitor to dip down, as if passing under a country fence. I did wish there was fire involved.

Sergei Prokudin-Gorskii at the Library of Congress Archives


All three images by the matchless Sergei Prokudin-Gorskii, roughly 1911, from the Library of Congress Archives.

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Mike Kelley at Gagosian

Exhibition view from Mike Kelley at Gagosian, Los Angeles
xhibition view from Mike Kelley at Gagosian, Los Angeles

I was heart warmed by the video in this last image. A fine mist of lit-up dust drifted in the foreground. Through this brownian dance the camera followed seven or so grey munchkins, hunchbacked, with tall pointy hats, as they slowly orbited a featureless grey room. They seemed to be intentionally sleep shuffling, and at moments became absorbed in a wizardly tai chi. A wonderfully strange, slowed-down soundtrack accompanied the projection: Muffled voices extended into incomprehensible, musical abstraction. Delicious.

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Hilary Lloyd at Raven Row

As much fun to photograph the projectors/monitors as the monitored. Info on the show here.


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Perfect World by Jason Rhoades at Hauser and Wirth

Hauser & Wirth showed a silent film in the basement that documented the making of Jason Rhoades’ Perfect World at Diechtorhallen, Hamburg, 1999. The last picture shows the inexplicable organist, who was rocking out in a haz mat suit in the same room where the aluminum scaffolding tubes were being polished.


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