Reclamation in Metropolis M

As a part of the artwork Reclamation, an advertisement was placed in the magazine Metropolis M. Pictured below, the ad is a republishing of an advertisement for the town of Metropolis, Nevada, USA.


The original was first published in 1911, in the town’s promotional newspaper, the Metropolis Chronicle. The headline reads “A New Town Opportunity” and the text sings the praises of the newly founded Metropolis: Metropolis offers the investor, builder, merchant and professional man one of the greatest business opportunities ever afforded by a western town. Lots – 25 by 125 feet – are $100 and up. Within two years, the company which had developed Metropolis fell into insolvency. More information can be found on the project website here. This action was both an advertisement for the exhibition and an element of the work. Design by Nina Støttrup Larsen with Kristin Posehn.