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Studio library

Michael Heizer at LACMA

Michael Heizer, Levitated MassMichael Heizer, Levitated Mass, 1969/2012

Surprise visit this week by a curator from Milan I haven’t seen in years, aka serendipity. Rambling around the usual places yet with her eyes, always learning from how different it feels to see art with different spirits. Then of course the chicest woman I know ropes me into trying on the next cute black satin jacket and we’re swapping favorite songs too loud on the 10 at sunset.

Studio process

Studio process
Studio process

Parts for new sculpture and irl Mirror Chain coming off the cnc table. Metal chains are bent or welded to make closed-loop links; I’ve neither option with mirror sheet. Instead I went for a simple design with two alternating types of links: One link is a closed loop, and one link has a gap that slots to build up the chain. It’s funny how ideas emerge — the resulting chains have a binary pattern rhythm, a more interesting variety of views as one walks around them, and overall a different feel than conventional links would provide. Next solo show is sculpture, opens in October. Next architectural digital work is TBD, and whilst I grapple with its seeming impossibilities, who knew that the exploratory convos and doors they’re opening would be so much fun.

Coffee musing

studio coffee

Over the past year I’ve stumbled into an occasional hobby: When I come across someone standout in an area I’m mildly obsessed with, I reach out for a consult in whatever and ask a bunch of questions. So I did this last month, it was ridiculously great and life-altering, then the expert was like, ‘oh I have a new book out today.’ Later as I searched for this new book, the first thing that came up was an entirely unrelated book in a diametrically opposite field—but by a different author who has the exact same name. It turns out this utter gem of a tome, rare and obscure, by said doppelgänger is exactly the thing I didn’t know I needed, like some key to a hidden door of questions that’ve been quite shut. And as I read the one author, I can’t help but think of the other and how eerily linked their ideas are—separated by a generation and a continent, one an inquiry into mind and the other math. Who knows what’s percolating there, but as I look back each of my larger artworks hinged on marvelous serendipities, so thoroughly and so strangely that I’ve come to regard a nose for information as among the most mysterious, and essential, of senses to cultivate. Threads even better appreciated with coffee, particularly a single-origin Guatemala with chocolate notes.


k may vibesPhoto by Deborah Jaffe & art shirt by Insta @neopalmsgallery

Spring in the studio, feeling the lols and maybe another art mail season coming on. Ever wish you could just chat with your favorite people for hours? Making new sculpture, bugged by the eternal Constantin Brancusi and a digital idea I don’t know how to do, promising, that’s how it starts.