Review of ‘Manic Castle Hash’

A review of Manic Castle Hash written by Raleigh Barrett was published by, and is available for view here.

Extant on a 30 ft x 9 ft cinderblock wall, Manic Castle Hash channels skyrise reflections as a vessel for commentary on cyclical and engrained financial disparity. In city finance hubs, such as DTLA, we can observe as spectators/citizens how skyscrapers reflect back on one another through their mirrored composition. This reflection can likewise be figuratively viewed in corporate bailouts, stock buybacks, and painfully discernable inequality.

The ‘Manic Castle’ can be interpreted as this never-ending (even accelerating) income inequality. The “Hash” portion of Manic Castle Hash refers to the mathematical method for compressing information. In a departure from encryption, hashed information can’t be returned to its original form. From contracts to password storage, hashing is used for a variety of tech means. The almost step-and-repeat-like form of skyscrapers reflecting on one another is a lucidly interpretable visual of the artwork. – Raleigh Barrett

Review of Manic Castle Hash