Review of ‘SUBSTRATA’ by The Art Newspaper’s XR Panel

A review of SUBSTRATA by The Art Newspaper’s XR Panel titled “Memories of Myst: Substrata, a new artist-run virtual exhibition, is like entering a magical afterlife” is available for view here.

I felt that this space added value by taking the viewer into an environment that is otherwise not available to us in real life. A good use of VR in creating a magical space that invites exploration as opposed to recreating a white cube gallery facsimile. Won Ju Lim’s and Kristin Posehn’s works stood out to me for their fitting use of the medium. – Dhiren Dasu

Before Covid-19 hit, I was lucky to enjoy clear water diving inside the cenotes in Tulum, Mexico. I would liken Epoch’s Substrata to that experience but in artistic terms. Among the presented works, certain pieces such as Kristin Posehn’s Cloud Flippening (2020) and Won Ju Lim’s Kiss T4 (2020) defy gravity, making the virtual context well worthwhile. – Seol Park Zappas

More information about Cloud Flippening, an architectural sculpture included in SUBSTRATA, can be found here.

Cloud FlippeningCloud Flippening, 2020