Ever a student

I Ching and wordsI Ching, trans. Wilhelm/Baynes. Still no desire to read Shakespeare, yet.

I’ve always been rather slow and spare with words, going so far as to joke that my first language is art while I’m working on English. When I was 24 and mid-PhD in sculpture, I mourned that I’d never write a novel because I was too old, hadn’t been to school for writing, and had zero capacity to read Shakespeare (quadruple lol). After I was hit by a car in December of 2008—the more visible scar on my forehead—I gradually began to write, so completely did I need to be shaken before I could bring myself to fish for a page of words. And when a few years later the uncategorizable Geoff Dyer selected me for a writing residency, I was unabashedly the butt of good-natured ribbing by the group for being the writer who wrote the least. As usual the I Ching has guidance on the matter. Been thinking about this quote, to the best of my fallible abilities, since I first noted it a decade ago. It’s taken quite a time to see connections well enough to bring a few to consciousness, but how else would nature teach me that she so loves patient devotion.