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Detail view of ‘Inverted Dome’ at MAK Center through March 5

Inverted Dome detail view

Digital Study #2 (Azimuth Wave)

In conjunction with my ongoing exhibition Inverted Dome at the MAK Center for Art and Architecture, Mackey Garage Top, I’m releasing a series of fully digital studies that further advance ideas touched on within the exhibition. The second in this series of four works is Azimuth Wave.

Azimuth Wave

Digital Study #2 (Azimuth Wave), 2022

Azimuth is a type of angular measurement. It establishes an orientation in relation to a point of interest within a spherical coordinate system. The concept is typically used in navigation, mapping, astronomy, and other disciplines.

In everyday speech, a mirror is a surface that reflects back an inverted image of its surrounding environment. Mirrors in our homes are used for self-reflection, in our cars for navigation, and throughout cities as exterior cladding for skyscrapers. More broadly, a mirror is a wave reflector — optical mirrors reflect light waves, but other types of mirrors reflect audio or even atomic waves.

‘Casting Glances’ at MAK Center on Sunday, February 20, 2-5pm

Inverted Dome

Please join us for an informal listening event at the MAK Center for Art and Architecture this weekend. An amazing group of artists have selected and/or composed audio tracks that reflect in some way on my ongoing exhibition Inverted Dome. This event is part of the Block Party at the MAK Center’s Mackey Apartments.

Casting Glances at Kristin Posehn: Inverted Dome

Informal listening event from 2-5pm, Sunday, February, 2022, at the MAK Center for Art and Architecture, Mackey Apartments Garage Top.

Featuring the following playlist of audio tracks selected and/or composed by invited artists:

Kathryn Andrews — Marking Time by Pauline Anna Strom, 2020, 4:28

Imogen Stidworthy — Telahumo by Nicholas Jaar, 2020, 14:20

Rita McBride & Glen Rubsamen — Tubular Bells Flipped and Reversed, 3:16

Alice Könitz — Petrachus Pot (sound recovered from an urn), :43

Peter Wu+ — Music for 18 Musicians: Pulses II by Steve Reich, 1998, 6:10

Jayme Yen — Smashmouth Playing in a Cave, 3:22

Andros Zins-Browne — Fearless Vampire Killers by Bad Brains, 1982, 1:07

Nasrin Tabatabai & Babak Afrassiabi — Structures for Sound by Francois & Bernard Baschet, 1963, 5:27

Linda Persson — Spirit Animal (original composition), 2022, 12:58

Steven Chodoriwsky — Crater Canticle (original composition), 2022, 2:50

Holly Childs — Meisou (Dark Slumber) by Geinoh Yamashirogumi, 1986, 5:11

Scott Benzel — Pandaemonium (original composition), 2022, 19:07

Inverted Dome continues through March 5. The exhibition is organized by Aurora Tang, and made possible with support from the Pasadena Art Alliance and the MAK Center Patron Program.

3D modeling the MAK Center gallery