Digital Study #4 (Chimera)

In conjunction with my ongoing exhibition Inverted Dome at the MAK Center for Art and Architecture, Mackey Garage Top, I’m releasing a series of fully digital studies that further advance ideas touched on within the exhibition. The fourth and final work in this series is Chimera.

Digital Study #4 (Chimera), 2022

A chimera is an organism composed of multiple tissues with different genetic composition. In Greek mythology, a chimera is a hybrid being — part lion, goat, and snake. As an animation, Digital Study #4 (Chimera) morphs between three states in an infinite loop, reflecting an otherwise unseen backdrop all the while.

The full series of digital works, catalog essays, documentation of the installation, and more will be included in the forthcoming Kristin Posehn: Inverted Dome publication — save the date for the publication release on April 29, 2022 at the MAK Center for Art and Architecture Schindler House.