Pasadena Art Alliance 2024 Art Auction

My painting Auric Reef was included in the Pasadena Art Alliance 22st Biennial Art Auction. I’m very grateful for the PAA’s work on behalf of artists across Los Angeles, and pleased to support it.

Auric Reef

Auric Reef, 20 x 24 inches, acrylic and mica on canvas, 2020

2024 Featured Publication

I’m so happy to share that my Substack was recently selected as a 2024 Featured Publication. In particular, my essay on Mary Shelley and creative waiting was featured in Substack Reads.

substack feature

More Ghost Pearls

Ghost Pearls

New documentation of Ghost Pearls

New documentation of Ghost Pearls is now up on the artwork page.

Ghost Pearls
Detail of Ghost Pearls
Ghost Pearls

Ghost Pearls + Epiphenomena on Saturday, June 10

Ghost Pearls + Epiphenomena

Saturday, June 10, 2-6pm

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The event will feature a 9 x 8 foot architectural sculpture made from 1000 pieces of individually cut mirror woven into a form of lace, titled Ghost Pearls.

Ghost Pearls explores spaces of connection and mediation. The work is based on research into local and historical forms of lace-making, early digital art, and contemporary virtual space. It references lace in the collection of the Fairview Museum, UT; conversations with lace-makers; historical links between lace, value, and time; the 1964 digital artwork Ninety Parallel Sinusoids with Linearly Increasing Period by A. Michael Noll; and works of the Light and Space movement. The work was the subject of a recent solo exhibition at Granary Arts.

Also on view, a popup tabletop exhibition of works by Rita McBride, Alice Könitz, Scott Benzel, and Tanya Brodsky, titled Epiphenomena. Each of these small-scale sculptures gives rise to second-order phenomena, such as reflectivity, state changes, and other experiential properties. With materials that range from dry ice to electronics, their emergent phenomena hint at the mutable nature of perception and presence.

Ghost Pearls detail